Customer Service is a function of how well an organisation is able to
constantly and consistently exceed the needs of the customer.

BUNZL Cleaning Machine Solutions are committed to providing its customers with a level of service, which precisely fits their needs. Whether you are a major UK cleaning company or an independent small operation, you can be assured that BUNZLCMS will do its utmost to ensure that your use of your cleaning machinery is trouble free and that our service is prompt, reliable and cost effective.

Our Call Handling system was developed by one of the market leaders in service systems. The “Tesseract Service Centre 5.1” is a web-based system, MS SQL database, offering the following facilities: –

Call Control –A sophisticated call management module is at the heart of our system. With it’s comprehensive customer status check, including contract warranty details, planned maintenance requirements, outstanding service calls and call counts.

Customer Assets – Comprehensive and detailed records of multiple site, customer equipment installations complete with contracts and service level controls.

Parts Centre – Allows for storage of repairable and consumable parts, which are tracked by location. The module includes full purchase, sales and stock control on all parts, at all locations, including service vehicles.

All our technicians are managed by ONE management team, and follow the Company procedures and Bunzl corporate policies.