Prochem Polaris 800

Prochem’s state-of-the-art self-contained carpet soil extractor provides unequalled features for the institutional and commercial carpet cleaner. The Polaris 800 has the cleaning power to tackle large open areas, yet handle like a lightweight.
Features include full floating and self-levelling cylindrical power brush, eliminates the need for continual manual adjustment, a 120 psi diaphragm pump and a single 2 stage vacuum motor with a 48 cm (19″) cleaning path. Large 30 litre solution tank, increased vacuum airflow reduces drying times and gives faster cleaning, up to 300 sq. metres per hour. A patented four-wheel design, allows pivoting on front or rear wheels for increased manoeuvrability, a 70 decibel silencer fitted as standard, ideal for ‘quiet cleaning areas, a fully adjustable handle and a “See-thru” recovery dome.

Product Information