Comac Optima

Optima is a ride on scrubbing machine with a robust design, suitable for working in different environments, both commercial and industrial, up to 8000 sqm/h ensuring excellent performances, even for the deep cleaning of various hard floors such as warehouses, logistic centers or finer surfaces such as in shopping malls.

It is available in the scrubbing version with two disc brushes of 43 and 52 cm of working width, or in the scrubbing-sweeping version with two cylindrical brushes of 86 cm of working width.

Comfort and complete control over the machine ensured by the operator position and easy controls, enhance the results during the operations. The big tanks capacity increases working autonomy while quiet operations allow to perform also in daytime without disturbing the people around: such features guarantee great efficiency and productivity.

To increase performances some optional accessories are available such as the double vacuum motor of 36 V or a wider squeegee of 1315 mm.


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