Envirodri Gen 4

There is no down time at all and no potential risk of carpet damage, which allows it to also be wool safe approved. The quick cleaning process allows the operator cleaning time to be reduced compared to hot water extraction techniques.

The product uses a microsponge technology which is biodegradable and has zero solvent impact on the carpet/ immediate environment. Lower carbon footprint and reduced operator cleaning time allows better performance per operator hour (£). Simple and easy to transport, the lightweight machinery eliminates operator fatigue usually associated with this type of cleaning and delivers exceptional results. The advanced, low noise technology of the GEN 4 allows for a quiet clean
whilst the contra-rotating brushes glide effortlessly whilst gently agitating the pro 40 microsponges into the carpet for an outstanding clean and dry floor which is ready for immediate use. Lightweight and simple to use, with minimal operator training required. Ideal for both day and night cleaning routines. Once cleaning is complete with the GEN 4, carpets can walked on immediately after use.

Product Information