Comac CM50HS/CM70HS plus

Comac CM50HS
Ideal for vinyl floors of medium to large size  areas
CM50HS is a walk-behind battery-powered single disc machine with 24 V system ensures best manoeuvrability and high productivity up to 1800 sq m/h.

It is equipped with 51 cm pad holder and a dust collection system, which conveys all dust into a disposable filter bag.

CM50HS has a simple system for either pad or brush pressure adjustment so that it is suitable for different applications.
CM50HS ensures excellent manoeuvrability also thanks to the gear motor-operated automatic traction.


CM70HS plus
Ideal for polishing medium to large sized vinyl floors, provided with dust collection system

CM70HS plus is a ride-on battery-powered single disc machine 36 Volt version. Provides all-round visibility and productivity up to 4140 sq m/h. It has a 69cm pad holder for effective and low-noise operation on large areas. It is also equipped with a dust collection system, which conveys dust into a disposable filter bag. In this way the surface remains perfectly shiny and no dust is dispersed in the air.

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